zpstudio-tools3ZPSTUDIO TOOLS is a project of self-production by ZPSTUDIO: we are a Florence-based architecture and design office committed to creating ideas for exhibition and commercial spaces, corporate brand solutions and product design. The studio has been focusing recently on self-production (or independent design) through a research between traditional and avant-garde tecniques.

All objects from ZPSTUDIO TOOLS collection have been manufactured with the collaboration of Tuscan craftsmen, and they narrate the valuable know-how and skills of Made in Italy small scale production. Through a design driven process, artisan techniques are fostered by innovation and new technologies: traditional wood turning or metal spinning are mixed with the use of semifinished materials directly deriving from industrial production. The result is a collection of objects with a narrative twist, telling about an entire production process, in a perfect balance between craft and design. Through the direct control of the whole production and a precise finishing method, every detail can be carried out with the highest accuracy, thus retaining autenticity and uniqueness to each product. ZPSTUDIO TOOLS products are available on leading online design stores and in selected galleries in Italy and Europe.

How to buy a ZPSTUDIO TOOLS object?
At the moment we produce and sell our products to order, but they will be soon available on some shops online.
Send us an email to info@zpstudiotools.it or call at 0039 055671221, we will be happy to give you all the informations you need.

Are you a company, an editor, an artisan?
We are always looking for synergy with editors and agents who believe in our work: our products are ideas in progress, open to new challenges. Send us an email to info@zpstudiotools.it or call at 0039 055671221, we will be happy to evaluate new collaborations.