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design research in vicenza

From 13 to 23 of March ZPSTUDIO will be in Vicenza displaying some products of ZPSTUDIOTOOLS collection, on the occasion of DESIGN RESEARCH, self-made design exhibition: a serie of events edited for Spazio Casa 2015; a concept born from the collaboration between Fiera di Vicenza and ISAI design academy, developed around 24 Italian designers. The event is both the Preview (five meetings in Vicenza) and the Fair: exhibition of design objects and Design Forum.
Preview is a series of four meetings with five designers, the most significant ones on the recent Italian scene.  The first meeting is scheduled at the new Museum of the Jewel in the Palladian Basilica (with Donata Paruccini and Lorenzo Damiani); after, the events hosted at FPL furnishes to Zané (with Patrizia Bertolini), Icona Arredamenti in Vicenza (with Ivano Vianello), Cariolato Arredamenti in Cornedo Vicentino (with Paolo Ulian). Each meeting will be matched with a video produced by ISAI school students.
The exhibition, opened in two weekend from 13 to 22 March , will bring together, in addition to the designers of Preview, a large group of skilled designers, in an area set up by ISAI design academy, in Hall 7 of the Vicenza Fair . The area will also host the Design Forum, a group of afternoon events: talks, meetings, conferences, all focused on independent design and its role in Interior Design. RESEARCH DESIGN is an important opportunity to learn about this trend in contemporary design, which is increasingly important and influential in the panorama of the industrial design.

DESIGN RESEARCH is Federico Angi, Massimo Barbierato, Matteo Beraldi, Patrizia Bertolini, Giorgio Bonaguro, Raffaella Brunzin, Lorenzo Damiani, Gaetano Di Gregorio, Antonio Facco, Indastria Design, Isai Self Made,, Andrea Morandi, Andrea Nani, Donata Paruccini, Sonia Pedrazzini, Filippo Protasoni, Laudani & Romanelli, Leonardo Tallarico, Francesco Tencalla, Carlo Tinti , Paolo Ulian, Vud, Zpstudio.